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Activity Data for Lansdowne Surgery – September 2023

Below is some of surgery’s activity data for September 2023.

We would like to thank all our patients for their continued support as well as all our staff for working tirelessly as always.

Summary of data:

Number of calls to surgery: 4,239
Number of calls answered within two minutes: 2,156
Number of calls abandoned: 546
Booked appointments: 6,259
eConsult enquiries: 980
Face to face consultations: 2,808
Telephone consultations: 117
Did Not Attend appointment: 219
Patient Referrals: 317
Online Medication requests: 259
Medication reviews: 126
Prescription items issued: 11,893
Sick notes issued: 135
Text messages sent: 1,691

monthly activity data for lansdowne surgery - september 2023